Demand for graphite is accelerating and so too is the demand for suppliers that can meet the highest international standards of quality, safety and environmental performance. From minesite to customer, International Graphite is building an ethical supply chain to ensure this commitment is built into the DNA of our products and processes.

International Graphite’s commitment to product quality and sustainability is integral to the company’s philosophy of bringing high standards of supply chain governance and product stewardship to the high-tech graphite market. Our international partners are fully certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and IG will be certified to these same standards ensuring a high standard of quality, consistency and environmental responsibility.


International Graphite is committed to minimising its environmental footprint through ethical, sustainable and energy-efficient production processes. It is focused on developing new technology that will improve the efficiency of current purification processes and minimise environmental impacts.


International Graphite has selected partners and suppliers who share our commitment to quality, safety and environmental protection. In that way, we have full traceability across our product lifecycle. Part-processed products are sourced from the largest and most proven suppliers in the world.


International Graphite is committed to achieving international Quality Assurance accreditation, verified by independent certification. Graphite will play a vital role in the evolution of electronics and next generation solutions for transport, power, aeronautics and computing. To prove themselves in this demanding market, global graphite manufacturers must deliver product that consistently meets the customer’s technical specifications.








As a frontrunner in the evolving downstream graphite market, our operations will bring significant benefits to the communities in which we operate and we value this opportunity. In Collie, Western Australia, IG’s plant is the catalyst for new graphite-focused manufacturing industries that will create a new technology hub and significant jobs. Our products will also contribute to the storage of renewable energy and help reduce Australia’s carbon footprint.