International Graphite is a new generation manufacturer and one of the first Australian companies producing downstream graphite products to exacting international standards.

The company will produce an extensive mix of products for both emerging industries and existing graphite markets including:

  • High and ultra-high purity micronised graphite
    This material is used as an additive for lithium battery cathodes, alkaline batteries, carbon zinc batteries, fuel cells and specialist lubricants
  • Battery anode material (BAM)
    A separate, integrated facility will process synthetic and natural flake graphite to produce spheroidised and coated graphite – premium products used in the manufacture of lithium batteries.


As the world searches for cleaner, more efficient power and transport solutions, the spotlight has turned to graphite – one of the most unique and versatile of all manufacturing materials. Graphite is a pure form of carbon and closely related to diamonds but its atomic structure is very different giving graphite unique properties and widespread applications in industry and technology components.

Graphite is a semi-metal that conducts heat and electricity and can stand extreme temperatures and chemical exposure, making it highly corrosion resistant. It has multiple uses from lubricants to refractories in steel making, and now in Li-ion batteries, in foils for computers and phones, and for fire resistant building materials.

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