International Graphite’s new-era plant, in Western Australia, brings together the best of international manufacturing technology and Australian processing knowhow. The sophisticated graphite production facility, at Collie, will be the catalyst for a new graphite industry hub in the South West of Western Australia. It will service global manufacturing markets delivering a customer-focused product mix that meets world’s best environmental practices and international standards for quality and safety.


Our Collie facility will be constructed in the industrial area close to the town centre and an existing power station.  The Port of Fremantle is 200 km by road, and 60 km by road to the port of Bunbury. As well as providing modern infrastructure and services, this location provides globally competitive power and access to economical land.


The Collie plant will be developed in three stages to minimise risk and establish markets for our products. The modular process design uses proven technologies with scope for rapid capacity expansion and product diversification. Stage 1 construction is expected to start in late 2020 with first product in mid-2021.


IG will initially purchase high purity spheroidised part-processed graphite product, and high purity expandable graphite, from established international producers, transporting it to Collie for value-added processing to produce advanced graphite products for renewable energy storage and the electronics industry. In addition, IG has strong relationships with companies developing high-quality coarse-flake graphite projects worldwide, and will lock in high quality flake supply when these feedstocks become available.


IG’s engineering consultant is BatteryLimits, an Australian company internationally recognised for its expertise in graphite processing and engineering. The consultancy is actively involved in the development of graphite mines and processing projects in Tanzania, in Madagascar, and in Australia, and in addition has built up a strong reputation for downstream graphite processing expertise.


IG has partnered with the world’s largest producer of battery anodes and cathodes and the world’s largest producer of graphite foils. These internationally recognised companies have an extensive R&D commitment and strict quality and environmental controls in place. IG has signed Memorandums of Understanding with these major downstream graphite production and technology companies for feed supply and technology licensing.