International Graphite’s US$100 million Mena plant brings together the best of international manufacturing technology and Australia mining knowhow. The sophisticated graphite production facility will be the catalyst for a new graphite industry hub in the United Arab Emirates. It will service global manufacturing markets delivering a customer-focussed product mix that meets world’s best environmental practices and international standards for quality and safety.


The plant will be constructed in the Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD) between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. As well as efficient modern infrastructure and services, this modern industrial estate has direct access to one of the world’s biggest deep-sea ports within easy reach of graphite miners in East Africa and customers worldwide. The region offers low operating costs and significant Free Trade Zone incentives for new industries and international investors.


The Mena plant will be developed in three stages to minimise risk and establish markets for its products. Its modular process design uses proven technologies with scope for rapid capacity expansion and product diversification. Construction is expected to start in 2020 with first product by early 2021.


IG will purchase high quality coarse-flake graphite concentrate from miners and producers in east Africa and transport it to Kizad for value-added processing. As the demand for graphite accelerates, miners will be under pressure to keep pace. IG has strong relationships with companies developing high-quality coarse-flake graphite projects in Tanzania and Madagascar and plants to lock in high quality flake supply.


IG’s engineering consultant is BatteryLimits, an Australian company internationally recognised for its expertise in graphite processing and engineering. The consultancy is actively involved in the development of graphite mines and processing projects in Tanzania, in Madagascar, and in Australia. BatteryLimits is able to build on these relationships for the provision of high quality feed supply to IG’s Mena plant. BatteryLimits has commenced a full Feasibility Study for the Mena plant development.


China is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of graphite product with decades of experience and some of the most efficient processing technology available. IG has signed MOUs with a Chinese Technology Consortium who will work closely with the IG team and BatteryLimits as we develop new technologies for graphite purification that improves processing efficiencies and minimises environmental impacts.


IG is also evaluation opportunities for an additional secondary graphite processing facility in Australia.