International Graphite is developing the first vertically integrated, standalone graphite production facility in Western Australia. It’s mining tenements at Springdale are world class and its downstream processing facility, at Collie, brings together the best of international manufacturing technology and Australian process engineering knowhow.

The sophisticated facility will be the catalyst for a new graphite industry hub in Western Australia. It will service global manufacturing markets delivering a customer-focused product mix that meets world’s best environmental practices and international standards of quality and safety.


The modular design of our Collie facility involves two integrated processing streams that will manufacture a range of high quality graphite products. The plant will use proven technologies, including equipment sourced from established international suppliers, to ensure fast, low-risk startup, early revenue and to minimise capital costs. Downstream graphite products will be sold to technology and industrial component manufacturers worldwide.

The plant has been designed for flexibility and rapid expansion to keep pace with anticipated growth in global markets.

  • IG micronising and foils plant:
    This plant will deliver early revenue for the business by focusing on products for traditional markets. IG has agreements in place with established international producers to ensure ongoing supply of quality purified feedstocks for value-added processing at Collie. Advanced graphite products will be exported for sale to technology companies manufacturing energy storage systems and electronics. IG also has strong relationships with mine operators who are developing coarse-flake graphite projects worldwide, ensuring that we are able to source high quality flake supply as demand for feedstock grows.
  • IG battery anode material (BAM) plant:
    Concurrently, IG will establish the equipment and processes required to produce battery anode material using a two-stage thermal purification process. The initial plant will produce demonstration product for analysis and product qualification, particularly with customers in Europe and North America. IG will be one of the first suppliers outside of China, to provide high quality, customised BAM for this highly tailored and emerging market.


A site has been selected in Collie, the industrial centre of Western Australia’s South-West region, where IG will benefit from globally competitive power costs and direct access to Western Australia’s main export ports at Fremantle and Bunbury. Collie is well serviced with established modern infrastructure, major power stations and a skilled workforce. The region is actively encouraging new jobs and industries, and there is strong government support for the IG development.

Map of Collie Western Australia


Our technology partner BatteryLimits ensures IG has unparalleled engineering resources inhouse. Recognised as experts in graphite processing, the Australian engineering and project management consultancy works internationally, and has built a strong reputation including the development of graphite mines and processing operations in Tanzania, Madagascar and Australia. In 2020, BatteryLimits completed a Definitive Feasibility Study for the IG micronising and foils plant, and an initial scoping study for the production of battery anode material.


Established relationships and signed agreements with some of the world’s leading graphite process equipment companies, gives IG ready access to the technology and feed supply for rapid startup once the new plants are commissioned.


IG’s product sales will target major international manufacturers and focus on growth markets in Europe and the US, where consumers and governments are leading the uptake of cleaner, greener technologies to combat climate change. IG will leverage Australia’s free trade agreements to generate world sales. Work has already begun to build a strong customer base for all product lines. This includes establishing key relationships with market-leading technology manufacturers, particularly in the emerging battery market where BAM product will be tailored to meet strong customer quality and specification requirements.


International quality, safety and environmental standards will be built into our product DNA ensuring our suppliers, operators, customers and community all contribute to an ethical and sustainable supply chain.

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