Rarely do you have the opportunity to be part of a whole new industry at the vanguard of dynamic international growth but that is the opportunity International Graphite offers to astute early investors.

IG will be one of Australia’s first fully integrated downstream graphite producers and a global frontrunner when it comes to supplying battery anode material for the world’s leading high-tech product brands.

Our commitment to advanced graphite components, that combine Australian engineering knowhow with proven international technology, is the foundation on which we will grow our business and deliver outstanding returns for our shareholders.

International Graphite has its sights set on a public listing which will give more people the opportunity to participate in our growth and ensure we have the capital to expand as quickly as our markets demand.

Support for our current seed capital raising has been exciting. These initial funds will enable us to establish our base business, at Collie, and produce our first battery anode product to qualify as a supplier with tier-one customers in Europe and North America.

Your investment in IG delivers:

  • Access to new transport, power and electronics markets heading for exponential growth
  • A company driven by profitability and return for our shareholders
  • Projections backed by robust research and development
  • Managed by an expert Australian team with proven international credentials
  • Committed to ethical manufacturing, with strong environmental governance
  • Strategic development built on a low-risk base business with low startup and capital costs
  • Producing cost-competitive, fast-to-market products for early revenue
  • Staged expansion incorporating new generation BAM product
  • Targeting new and existing global markets all recording strong growth

Watch this video and find out why Comet Resources Ltd Managing Director Matt O’Kane is excited to be part of the high end graphite value chain.

These factors give IG an exciting competitive edge. To find out how you can be part of our vision contact us.

Downstream-Graphit für eine moderne Welt