Collie pilot plant ready for commissioning






Equipment has been installed and International Graphite’s pilot scale micronising and spheroidising plant is ready for commissioning at Collie.

The equipment installation marks a critical step in the company’s push to become a producer and global supplier of high quality spheroidised graphite products, suitable for battery anode material (BAM.)

“This development – which comes only four months after our successful IPO, is a testament to the extensive work the IG6 team did in the years prior to and since our IPO,” Executive Chairman Phil Hearse said.

Wet commissioning will be undertaken using imported fine flaked graphite concentrate that is on site ready to be processed.

The pilot plant will establish the company’s presence in the marketplace, build operating expertise in graphite product handling and packaging, and assist in the development of a process for the purification of graphite concentrates.

“With governments focused on establishing supply chains for critical minerals, such as battery grade graphite, including the recent announcement by the WA government of approximately $660 million investment into the Collie region to support such endeavours, we look forward to continuing to deliver milestones.”

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