Clean, green design

International Graphite is refining traditional graphite purification technology to achieve new standards of environmental performance.

The engineering review is part of the full feasibility study currently underway for the company’s proposed multi-million dollar secondary graphite processing plant, in the UAE.

The study, being managed by leading Australian process engineering consultancy Battery Limits, under the direction of IG’s Technical Manager Mr Jasbir Khosa, is due for completion at the end of 2019.

Its scope has grown to incorporate the revolutionary new material graphene into the plant’s product mix. Through its technology partners, IG has sourced processing equipment and expertise from market innovators in China and is now refining and adapting those processes to suit the IG facility. Initial output will be up to 100tpa, with capacity to ramp up as demand grows.

“We are very pleased with the outstanding technical progress that is being made,” said IG Chairman Phil Hearse.

“The quality of engineering work is really fantastic and will be the foundation of our business success going forward.

“Our team continues to work closely with our Chinese technology partners who are leading the world in secondary graphite processing and servicing the biggest markets.”

“We won’t compromise on our environmental standards or the ethical supply chain that sets IG apart as a next generation graphite supplier.”
IG has established agreements locking in a consistent supply of concentrate as feedstock for the new plant. Samples are being sent to equipment owners in China for testing.

The company has also appointed leading product marketing specialists in China and the US to begin building forward sales.

“Strategically, we are continuing to build our network and secure funding partners. There has been very strong interest, particularly from investors in Australia and the UAE, and we expect to make an investment decision by the end of this year,” Mr Hearse said.