International Graphite (ASX:IG6) is an Australian owned company with a global outlook. We will be one of the first Australian manufacturers to supply high quality battery anode materials to growing international markets establishing a new supply source for technologies that are helping to build a cleaner, greener world.

As the first vertically-integrated graphite producer with operations wholly contained in Western Australia, we will have complete oversight of our supply chain from mine to market. In this way we can deliver superior returns to our shareholders and help meet the world’s energy and transport needs in an environmentally responsible way.

IG6 listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 7 April 2022 after an Initial Public Offering that successfully raised A$10 million via the sale of 50,000,000 shares at $0.20 each.


IG aims to be a global frontrunner in the manufacture of high-quality downstream graphite products for industrial applications and an ethical producer of battery anode material to meet projected global demand for high performance batteries.

The company is establishing an integrated production facility at Collie, in Western Australia. Our staged development plan is agile and responsive to market opportunity.

IG is developing a pilot plant to progress production and sales of battery anode material (BAM) to supply the exploding global market for Lithium-ion batteries used for energy storage systems and to run electric vehicles.  These batteries require up to 10 times more graphite than lithium.

Our unique business model leverages the experienced of a world class team of process engineers, project managers, finance and product marketing specialists and the expert guidance of our engineering and technical partner BatteryLimits, who will drive results.


Led by experts in the Australian metals industry, IG was founded by our Chairman Phil Hearse whose expert knowledge of the graphite sector identified a unique and emerging opportunity to put Western Australia at the forefront of the global graphite industry.

The Board has channelled their combined Australian knowhow and metals expertise to building a expert team with extensive graphite and resource industry experience.


Our business has strong government and community endorsement. It aligns with the Australian Government’s vision to build a robust advanced manufacturing sector and Western Australia Government initiatives to develop a world class renewable energy industry. The WA Government is supportive of IG’s plans and has awarded the company an A$2m grant, through the Collie Futures Industry Development Fund, to support the establishment of our first micronising product line at Collie.


IG’s operations bring manufacturing of high quality graphite components for the global renewables and energy industries to Western Australia. The operation creates new export and employment opportunities while promoting sustainable technology, including the development of thermal purification to replace harmful chemical processing. This will help built an ethical supply chain and strength Australia’s critical mineral capability.

We operate under the values of innovation, respect, sustainability, technical and financial excellence and agility and are committed to international standards of quality, safety and environmental performance.

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