About us

International Graphite (IG) is a next-generation manufacturer of secondary graphite products and a new supply source for technologies that are helping to build a cleaner, greener world.

An Australian registered private company, IG is developing advanced graphite processing facilities in the United Arab Emirates and has projects under feasibility in Australia.

The company’s flagship is a US$100m processing hub in Abu Dhabi that will meet accelerating world demand for treated graphite products. An Prefeasibility Study has been completed showing outstanding prospects for this long-term industrial project. Plant construction is expected to start in 2020 with first product by early 2021.

Demand for graphite is being generated by the uptake of new technologies. Consumer uptake of electric vehicles, renewable power storage and fire-safe building materials, as well as nanotechnologies that will revolutionise personal computing and tiny medical devices, are creating new uses for graphite. Coupled with existing industrial uses, this new wave is expected to generate a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of almost 6% in the graphite market from now until 2024.*

Demand for graphite for batteries is expected to grow from less than 200,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) in 2017 to more than 1.7 million tpa by 2028, according to graphite authority Benchmark Minerals Intelligence in its  address to a 2019 US senate hearing. Benchmark’s Managing Director Simon Moores also stressed the strategic value of graphite and other battery commodities.

*According to market research by Technavio.


IG has a unique business model leveraging off its experienced process engineers and consultants to drive technology that will become the leading edge in graphite processing.  In conjunction with its Chinese technology team, International Graphite is developing environmentally responsible processing for a product mix that meets the needs of our customers in Asia, Europe and the US.

The company will purchase high quality concentrate from graphite miners in East Africa (Tanzania, Madagascar and Mozambique) and transport it to the UAE for value-added processing. Secondary graphite products will be sold to technology and industrial component manufacturers worldwide.

International quality, safety and environmental standards will be built into our product DNA ensuring our suppliers, operators and customers are all part of an ethical and sustainable supply chain, that extends from mine to market.


IG’s expert management and advisory team is the cornerstone of the company bringing a wealth of technical and commercial experience in all facets of industrial metals processing and the global graphite market.

Executive Chairman
Mr Phil Hearse

One of Australia’s leading metallurgists and an authority on graphite project development, Mr Hearse is an engineer with more than 40 years’ experience in diverse and challenging projects around the world. His extensive career has taken him from operational and technical roles at Broken Hill, Bougainville Copper, Queensland Nickel (QNI) and Gove Alumina to senior executive and managerial positions in engineering and operating companies. Mr Hearse is currently Chairman of the Australian publicly listed graphite explorer BlackEarth Minerals NL which is developing the Maniry graphite project in Madagascar. His private company, BatteryLimits, is a key international process engineering company currently undertaking graphite study and project development work for ASX and AIM listed companies in Tanzania, Madegascar and Australia. Mr Hearse specialises in the challenging space, where engineering technology meets resource economics, for a range of commodities including gold, base metals, rare earths and graphite.

Technical Director
Mr Jasbir Khosa

A senior process engineer, Mr Khosa has held senior technical positions with experience in major mineral processing operations across Australia, Mr Khosa is former Technical Superintendent of the Mt Isa lead smelter, Principal Engineer with FMG, and Principal Processing Engineer with the engineering and professional services company, the Calibre Group.

Principal Consultant
Mr David Pass

A commercial strategist and qualified metallurgical consultant with 30 years industry experience, Mr Pass is CEO of Australia’s graphite specialists – consulting engineering company BatteryLimits. He has led operational teams and successfully managed technical studies assessing the feasibility and development of multi-million dollar graphite projects worldwide.

Mr Matt Bull

Mr Bull is a geologist and company director with broad experience in the international mining and metals industry. He is a director of Australian Stock Exchange listed company Lindian Resources and Exploration Manager of AIM listed Armadale Capital which is developing the world class Mahenge Graphite Project in Tanzania. Mr Bull has been involved in the discovery of several large graphite deposits in East Africa and is experienced in both mineral exploration and mining project development. He holds a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Geology and Geophysics, from the University of Adelaide, in Australia.

Sales & Marketing Consultant
Mr Chris Whiteley

A foremost authority on international business and marketing in the graphite sector, Mr Whiteley has been actively involved in all aspects of graphite processing and product development for more than 25 years. Mr Whiteley is President of US-based Lone Star Tech Minerals LLC, a leading industrial minerals and graphite technical sales consulting firm.

China Liaison
Mr Francis Jia

Mr Jia is a technical specialist and the primary liaison with International Graphite’s China-based technology partners, process equipment suppliers and EPC providers.

UAE Liaison and Project Coordinator
Mr James Francke

A consulting engineer with more than 35 years’ international experience in the construction industry Mr Francke has been operating in the UAE for more than a decade as Director of a leading engineering consulting company.