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Our future is electric

International Graphite (ASX:IG6) is an Australian owned and operated company.
We are on track to be Western Australia’s first fully integrated mine-to-market graphite producer – a new employer creating new opportunities in the State, and an intended future supplier to the global battery minerals market.

International Graphite is developing a new source of battery anode material for the technologies we need to build a cleaner, greener world and helping to strengthen Australia’s sovereign capability in the critical minerals space. Invest with us.

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Advanced technologies drive demand

Demand for graphite is set for exponential growth, powered by global decarbonisation, the rapid uptake of electric vehicles, renewable energy technologies, and soaring demand for consumer electronics, power tools and tiny medical devices.

All of these applications demand sophisticated high performance batteries made with graphite components.

While the future is in batteries, there is also strong demand for high purity micronised graphite in industrial applications, such as specialist lubricants and sealants.

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Global spotlight on Western Australia

International Graphite is developing a graphite resource at Springdale and advanced downstream graphite processing facilities at Collie, in Western Australia – establishing a new critical minerals capability for Australia and diversifying the international supply of battery anode material.

Our new vertically-integrated graphite business will be an important contributor to Western Australia’s vision to become a world class hub for the power storage and battery industry. Our planned operations will supply graphite products that are globally cost competitive, fast-to-market and underpinned by world’s best quality, safety and environmental standards.

In this way, IG6 will deliver superior returns to shareholders by helping to meet the world’s decarbonisation goals, and supporting transformation of the energy and transport industries in an efficient and environmentally responsible way.

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